Happy Endings


Thank you to our Adopters, Fosters, Transporters, Volunteers, Donors and Partners for sharing your heartfelt stories with us! The below represent just a few of the HUNDREDS of Amy's Adoptables' Happy Endings!

While we don't provide Adopter's last names to protect their privacy, we will gladly individually introduce you to any of our Adopters, with their permission of course, if you'd like to learn more about their Amy's Adoptables' experiences!


Our Amazing Adopters! (just a few!)


"Amy I can't tell you how happy I am that we found you. You brought Sonny to us. He has only been in our home for two weeks and he has been a blessing. We got Sonny to be a service animal for me. He does not leave my side at all especially when I am having a bad day he is right here. You gave us our new family member and my life support. You gave us a gift! Thank you."

                    Bill's Sonny



"Our Lilly girl is the most precious and most spoiled little lady there is! We ❤️ her more than I can even say."

 Michelle's Lilly




"This is Rusty. We have had him for 2 years. He is a bundle of never ending energy. He runs so fast that you could never catch him. He loves and cuddles and melts your heart. He guards the grand babies like they are his. He takes up more space in the bed than you could ever imagine. He is the perfect addition to our family. We can't imagine life without him."

Theresa's Rusty


"My girl Ginger has been one of the best things that has happened to me! At a very rough time in grad school, and when all other shelters said no to me, Amy you said yes to my adoption of Ginger. She has been the reason to get out of bed every morning while living in Ohio by myself. Since her adoption she has been the best cuddle buddy, and the best workout buddy too! She runs with me every morning and never leaves my side. In fact I wake up every morning to her staring at me (sometimes pawing my face ha) waiting to go for a run. Here's a recent picture of what I wake up to ❤️"

                     Casey Jo's Ginger

"One of the only pit bulls that you rescued and we love Blaze!! He is one of the biggest baby's around! Thank you!"

Kristie's Blaze



"Teddy has been with us for almost two years. He arrived as a foster for a few hours and it was true love...adopted after 24 hours. No one knows what he came from but we have loved him thru many challenges. He brings love and kisses to all!!!"

Sheryl's Teddy



"Duke has been a blessing to our family in more ways than one. Without you we wouldn't have him!! I could have never asked for a better dog/family member! He goes along with us everywhere and is always the center of attention. He's even been named the team mascot for my sons baseball team! Thank you, Amy!!" 

Jen's Duke



"This is Bella I adopted her almost two years ago. I had just lost my baby boy at the age of 12 1/2. A friend of mine posted on my timeline that Bella needed a furever home. Well on December 16 I brought my princess home. She didn't know what to make of her new home but it didn't take her long to adjust. She didn't know what to do with toys. Now she's spoiled rotten. When bags are brought home she gives a look like there best be a toy in there. She even sensed my mom was having a stroke. She goes for walks                            everyday with me. She has a heart of gold and is more loyal than any human."

                     Crystal's Bella 

"This is Sasha and she has been with us for 3 1/2 years. We could not love her more! In fact my husband tells me all the time that I love her more than him. She is the sweetest, cuddliest, funniest dog and has the best personality. It has been a true blessing having her as a member of our family!"

Kristen's Sasha




"These are my babies that I adopted through 911 Dog Rescue (aka Amy's Adoptables). Bailey and Zoey were my first two foster dogs and I could not bear to part with them. I can't imagine my life without them. That was almost 4 years ago and I've been helping with the rescue ever since.😊"

Shelly's Bailey & Zoey


"This is Ammo. We have had him for almost a year. You were looking for a foster but we were looking to keep him forever. He has been a gift to our family and to his other fur siblings!" 

                    Samatha's Ammo


"My wife and I bought our first home. I worked third shift and wanted a dog there to keep her company. I saw Snowy and immediately fell in love. She was skin and bones when Amy rescued her. OKLAHOMA TO EASTLAKE it took but we picked her up on Mothers Day. Such an amazing bond and an amazing love for her her. She grew up quickly and always made us smile. My wife and I had our first child Anna and "Snowy" loved her from the beginning and even adopted another friend Shadow. Snowy became sick at 3 years old. I noticed a mass on her left hip and I took her to THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY campus to do all we could. After 3 visits and 6 hour drives we found out that Snowy                     had a non-curable bone cancer. We kept her on pain medication until it was her time and Snowy was layed down in my arm while I held, kissed and loved her. Not a day                             goes bye that I don't remember when I first saw her and the love and memories. Even though it was only 3 years, she was my first pup and it would not be possible without                         an AMAZING Women like Amy. It has taken me awhile to talk about this. Thank you AMY so much!" 

                    Daniel's Snowy

"This is our sweet Mazie Mae ..we adopted her a year and a half ago and it was the best decision we could have made. She brings so much joy to our family and she is spoiled rotten but we wouldn't have it any other way. We got so lucky with her and can't thank you enough Amy for allowing us to adopt her. Thanks again for all you do!"

Cheryl's Mazie Mae


"Our Izzybelle will be 4 this year. She is the biggest DIVA I have ever met but we love her to death. Amy, the lives you save and the families you complete mean the world to those lives :) Thank you!!"

Marcia's Izzybelle




"My buddy Toby. Not sure what I would do without him. He has completed our family and has become Ranta's best friend. Thanks Amy for bringing us and Toby together." 

John's Toby




"We adopted Rocco from you 1 1/2 years ago. He is the best dog,gets along with the cats and is great with the chickens, everyone loves him. I still am thinking about adopting another from you." 

                     Suzanne's Rocco


"We just love Lucy, she's been with us for about 4 years and she has the sweetest temperament. She has to be wherever the kids or I am, even in the pool."

Lois' Lucy


"This is Benny who we adopted thru 911 Dog Rescue after the loss of our beagle Gus. He is my husband's best friend and such a sweet boy. We love him dearly ❤️

Patricia's Benny



"Simon pretends to be a distinguished gentleman but he's a big lovable goofball at heart! We were fortunate that Amy & company rescued him a few years ago and gave us the opportunity to welcome him into our home." 

Brad's Simon



"Bentley was the surprise of my Labor Day weekend 2 years ago this Sept!! Had no intention of adopting another dog until my hubby said let's go for a walk to Amy's because she has puppies!!! Little did I know that we would be going home with one of those adorable puppies!! Love him to pieces!!! He is the biggest baby, a big goof, makes us laugh, so loveable and best of all... he's part of the family and we love him dearly!! Ohhh...and did I mention how he's NOT a big dog😉 Thank you Amy for giving us more love to share!!!"

                     Nancy's Bentley


"This is Duke and he joined my family just a year ago. He is a crazy, cuddle-loving, bed hogging, playful pup. He came into my life when I needed him the most! Thanks Amy!"

Julie's Duke


"Who would have thought that I could have adopted the most handsome dinner date ever?! Eduardo is Mr Personality Plus! We adopted him this past January through Amy P Beam. He has his signature move, butt in the air head on the floor, that says he needs a scratching! We smile at least 100 times per day because of this fantastic little dude! Funny, sweet and well balanced. A great hiker and the best cuddler! I love my Eduardo! ! ♡♡♡♡♡" 

                     Cindy's Eduardo


"Amy, remember these guys! Everyone said I was crazy for taking 2 pups and they were correct, but I could not imagine my life without these 2 boys in it. They grew up and both turned out great. Thanks for everything you do!"

Joe and his Boys


"You wouldn't want to hear Sophie's story as it was a nightmare at first! LOL! She came from Missouri. We love Sophie and she's happy and healthy! She's more than we ever expected! Glad to have her in her fur-ever home!" 

Jamie's Sophie


"We adopted Opie last November. He is the best dog - so lovable & so much fun. Thank you Amy for rescuing him!"

Sharon's Opie





"We adopted "Daisy" who we renamed Jones in November of 2014. She has blessed our lives beyond words. Even though she tries to bully our 8yr old Boxer/ German Shepard mix!!! LOVE"

Mary's Jones


"We adopted Aston from you a little over three years ago and he's calmed our other dog down so much! Such a lover!"

Rachel's Aston





"We adopted Hercules over three years ago and Leo was almost a year ago! Love Our Babies!"

Chrissy's Hercules & Leo


"I love my Frankie (even if he is a little jerk - LOL!) Thank you, Amy!"

Kim's Frankie



"I love my Rock! Thank you Amy! It was meant to be!!"

Kelly's Rock



"My name is Connor. I came from a shelter in West Virginia and now reside on this comfy couch. Thanks to Amy, my life was saved and I have best parents and cat friend named Scarf (he's a jerk ~he has catitude)"

                     Carol's Connor


"This is Benny! Going on 4 years of being rescued. Benny has 2 modes, relaxation and super crazy. He runs the house!"

David's Benny


"Amy rescued sassy from a shelter in MO. After we spoke a few times and met in person, she told me she would be a good fit for me and my lifestyle and she was dead on. I couldn't have picked a better dog 😄"

Jackie's Sassy




"Mia came from a horrific life and was saved by wonderful people. Now this little Diva brings love to all. She is the queen of the pack. Mia gives lots of cuddles and has such a calming effect. Her love has touched so many people. Mia is a wonderful joy in our lives!" 

Sheryl's Mia


"Stark is our everything! He does everything with us. Even a morning book! We are so greatful he was rescued! Thank you for all you do!"

Brandy's Stark


"We 1st adopted sweet Malibu from Amy ~4 years ago. She was rescued from an Oklahoma kill facility. A few years later we adopted Cheech and Chong, two 6 week old border collie/terrier mix litter mates from West VA. Recently we adopted our very well trained shiba inu/collie mix, Nikita, from Amy's Inmate Rehabilitation Program (L.E.C. Institution). We are HUGE FANS of Amy and her integrity-driven organization!"

                     Gwen's Malibu 

"Our family is so very thankful for these 2! They are the perfect fit for us and each other Vader has come such a long way. And Leia still adores Ava to pieces. 💕 I love both these pups, Amy and I'm so happy they're a part of our family!"

                     Rebekah's Vader and Ava

"Not the best picture, but my little sleepyhead wouldn't know what to do without two. Thank you Amy for finding these awesome pups for us!"

 Jenny's Pups


This is our New Adopter Adam Lapsevich and his new Doggie Patrick. 
     Patrick is a 6 year old Shitzu mix that came from a family who’s Mother passed away. Patrick lost his owner and we helped rehome this sweet young boy. 
     This is one of our many amazing stories we will be posting to keep you updated on our Happy Endings . 5/14/19



Our Amazing Partners!  

"I have been working with Amy for over a year. She has rescued many dogs from the Mahoning County dog pound during that time. Amy has always been professional, courteous, thorough and wonderful to work with. She pulled a senior dog from us and found her the perfect home. I feel our dogs are very lucky when pulled by Amy's Adoptables. We always look forward to our next lucky dog that joins her! Thank you, Amy!"

Trish, Friends of Fido

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