Volunteer Application


Types of Volunteering

Please mark next to the things you would be interested in helping 911 Dog Rescue Inc. with!
 Walking Dogs
 Cleaning Puppy Pens
 Helping with Puppies
 Collection Donations
 Helping with Events


Before going through the process of being approved as a volunteer, please read below carefully and initial in understanding and agreement.

  • Some of these dogs have NEVER known what it was like to be on a leash or live in a home and be loved! Understand that is imperative that you have patience with your transported dog. 
  • If you choose to take pictures during your volunteering time, upon approval, posts can be added to your Facebook and you can share with all of your friends and family. Please be sure to tag rescue members. 
  • You agree that at no time shall any of the dogs wear a metal choker of ANY KIND! They can collapse their trachea. Martingale collars are preferred. Collars are provided. 
  • 911 Dog Rescue Inc. tags will be provided on each dogs collar. Please agree to NOT EVER take it off. 
  • Please agree to be respectful of all other team members. It's ALL ABOUT THE DOGS!! Your religion, piercings, hair color, tattoos, ethnicity, etc. mean nothing to me. It's about the dogs. PERIOD. 
  • PLEASE, agree to NEVER hesitate to ask a question! If you see something you are not comfortable with, PLEASE bring it to our attention. With everything we do, a mistake can be made. That said, we NEVER intentionally make a mistake, especially when it comes to our dogs!! Education is KEY! 
  • You agree to drop off any collected donations in a timely manner to the appropriate party. 
  • It is very important that we do not speak for other people. If you know someone interested in a dog in the rescue, you agree to inform the adoption coordinator to set up a meeting time. 
Initial Here if You Agree to the Above Terms.


By signing below, you are accepting any and all responsibility and liability of any  damage OF ANY KIND that may occur from the dog(s) you volunteer with from 911 Dog Rescue Inc. You cannot hold 911 Dog Rescue Inc. liable or responsible in any way.

We do everything in our power to protect the dog and your family. By signing this document, you assume any and all responsibility in the event that the dog(s) you are assisting with should bite or injure someone in any way. If this were to occur, you cannot sue or hold 911 Dog Rescue Inc. liable.

I understand and agree that I am volunteering my time and services to be a volunteer at no cost to 911 Dog Rescue Inc. I understand that I will not be compensated for either my time or services by said rescue.

*If you so choose, you can save receipts from your time as a foster and claim the costs, if any, on your taxes.*

All dogs are age and situational appropriately vetted. All vetting is provided by 911 Dog Rescue Inc.

I understand that if the above-mentioned declarations are not followed, 911 Dog Rescue Inc. can and will remove me from my position as a volunteer, ESPECIALLY if the dog is not properly cared for while in my possession.

Please understand these dogs will need patience to learn trust but they respond well to soft words and LOVE. Please be aware these dogs are not all housebroken.

We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you have when working with the dogs! Volunteering with a dog and watching them flourish and seeing them realize the simple pleasures in life and that the cruelty is now behind them is a rewarding experience that you won’t soon forget!!

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